11 March 2024

Exhibition by V. Mamon (F.K. Suskov)

Fyodor Suskov, widely recognized among Voronezh residents due to his impressive monumental buildings, left a noticeable mark on art throughout the entire post-Soviet space. More than fifty of his sculptures […]
20 November 2023

Exhibition of painter and sculptor-monumentalist Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov “Light of Truth”

Oriental Cultural Center of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Sushkov Art House Association for Culture and Art Exhibition of artist and sculptor-monumentalist […]
6 July 2023

Opening of the exhibition ‘Light of Truth’ in honor of the 100th anniversary of Fyodor Kuzmich Sushkov in Voronezh

July 6 in Voronezh, in the museum of I.N. Kramskoy, the solemn opening of the exhibition “The Light of Truth”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous Soviet and […]
17 March 2023

On March 17, an “Intercultural Dialogue” charity dinner in honor of Fyodor Kuzmich Sushkov was held in Moscow”

On March 17, in Moscow, with the support of AKI “SushkovArtHouse”, the financial company BCS BCS World of Investments, the center of culture and business of Italy and Russia, as […]
9 January 2023

Monument of Victory. Voronezh. The author is the sculptor Fyodor Kuzmich Sushkov.

The Government of the Voronezh Region has determined a new significant date on December 16th. On this day, the beginning of the liberation of the Voronezh region from the Nazi […]
7 April 2022

Inauguration of the Suskov exhibition, Patriot Park, Moscow

April 7, 2022 with the support of the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Vympel-Garant Foundation, in the gallery of military artists […]
18 November 2021

Press-tour Sushkov 21

Dear friends! In Voronezh from 6 to 7 October a mass media press tour took place. MOSCOW – SAINT PETERSBURG. SushkovArtHouse Association, together with the Department of Tourism, Business and […]
10 August 2021

Opening of the permanent exhibition “A different look at the vision of the New Testament”

Dear friends! Finally, after long postponements, due to the current epidemic situation in the country, we finally officially opened a permanent exhibition “A different look at the vision of the […]
9 April 2021

Tourist routes to places associated with the work of F.K. Sushkov

On April 8, at a round table organized by the Voronezh TIC on the initiative of the SushkovArtHouse Foundation, they discussed the directions of the development of tourist routes associated […]
12 September 2020

The personal exhibition of the great sculptor, painter SUSKOV FEDOR KUZMICH in VORONEZH, RUSSIA. This event was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

DEAR FRIENDS! 11 settembre we have opened the first exhibition of great sculptor and painter Fedor Kuz’mic Suskov .Inauguration ceremony was in the city VORONEZH,RUSSIA. The Great ceremony was opened […]
20 May 2020

Jacopo da Ponte Award, Spoleto 2020

Spoleto Art Factory, 20.05.2020
25 November 2019

Art Ambassador Award – Tokyo 2019

27.08.2019 Tokyo, Japan.
30 May 2019

Canaletto Award, Venice 2019

Canaletto Award, Venice 30.05.2019
9 May 2019

Victory Day

Victory Day, Monument to Victory, Suskov.F.K. Voronezh, Russia, 9.05.2019
5 May 2019

Pro Biennale Venice 2019

Probiennale, Venice, San Teodoro School, 5.05.2019 Suskov’s work is paralleled by great Italian masters of sculpture and painting, such as Antonio Canova and Michelangelo Buonarroti.
19 April 2019

Inauguration of commemorative plaque

Inauguration of commemorative plaque, Voronezh, Russia, 19.04.2019
13 April 2019

Bienal de Canarias Award 2019

5 December 2018

Art Basel, Miami

Art Basel, USA, Miami, December 5, 2018, Culture Manager, Spoleto Art President, ProBiennale of Venice, Biennale Milan, Salvo Nugnes.Alberto D’Atanasio, director of Modigliani Museum.
30 November 2018

Salvador Dali Award 2018

With Alberto Atanasio, Modigliani museum director and Salvo Nugnes, culture manager and president Spoleto Arte and Biennale Milan. 30.11.2018 St.Petersburg Museum Salvador Dali, Florida, USA.
15 May 2018

Suskov at the Venice Biennale

MILAN, 9 MAY – Venice welcomed the “Pro Biennale” at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, an exhibition dedicated to contemporary art and design. To cut the ribbon of the […]
16 April 2018

The artists meet Dali and Van Gogh

A painting of Luce quells by Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov. His paintings, concerning natural landscapes or related to sacred art, tell an immortal story through bright and vibrant tones. The eye […]
6 March 2018

Inauguration of the “Women’s Art” exhibition at the Milan Art Gallery

It tells the sensitivity, strength and delicacy of women with your works on show and published in the catalog. With the contribution of:Silvana GiacobiniKatia RicciarelliAlessandro MeluzziAlba Parietti The Suskov Foundation […]
6 May 2016


CLICK VIDEO Interview with President Anna Nazarova and Managerof Suskov Foundation Nikolay Molodtsov
5 May 2016


23 October 2015


Important days for the Suskov Foundation. The President, Ms. Anna Nazarova prepares for a series of meetings in Voronezh city, along with the General Director, Mr. James Martins, the international […]
29 September 2015


SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2016 Suskov Art Week 2016, is an event to bring together all the professionals of the Art production chain. Will be invited all internationally professionals to […]
3 May 2015


Milan, May 3 2015 Presidente Anna Nazarova Interview with the President Anna Nazarova. Mrs. Anna Nazarova, who was Fedor? – He was an extraordinary person, with strong character, severe and […]
2 May 2015

SUSKOV Lithography for Sale

With the opening of the Sushkov Foundation, the lithography of the painting “The Last Dinner” was exposed to sell. With the limited edition of 25 lithography for this painting, 10 […]
3 April 2015

SUSKOV First Delivery Lithographs

The Suskov Foundation began to deliver the lithographs requested by visitors to the “Suskov’s World” Exhibition. The first to receive them were Mrs. Vitanuova and Mr. Giulio.
22 February 2015

San Marino – Vittorio Sgarbi Inaugurated Suskov Art Exposition from 21 feb. to 21mar. 2015

FEDOR KUZ’MICH SUSKOV master of Russian art between realism and spirituality on display at Palazzo Arzilli with a selection of works curated by VITTORIO SGARBI. Fedor Suskov, architect and painter, […]
17 February 2015

Suskov Study Center – San Marino Exhibition

Press release “The World of Suskov” brings Vittorio Sgarbi to the Titan The Exhibition “Il Mondo di Suskov”, a monographic exhibition dedicated to the Russian architect, sculptor and painter Fedor […]
16 December 2014


BENVENUTI, 16 dicembre 2014 alla Wannenes aste, Genova, Italia. Le opere dell’Architetto, Scultore e Pittore russo Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov, che per la prima volta saranno presenti all’Asta. Due bozzetti in […]
22 July 2014

Tribute of Milano Marittima to the Russian artist FEDOR K. SUSKOV

In the splendid rooms of the Hotel Palace in Milano Marittima of Cervia (Ravenna) there was an elegant evening celebrating the artistic genius of the eclectic Russian artist Fedor Kuz’mich […]
21 September 2011

Art and State, Padova

"Art and State" exhibition, Padova 20.11.2011
25 June 2011


Spoleto calls Russia and Russia answers. The fifty-four edition of the prestigious Festival dei Due Mondi thanks to the direction of the Art Section, which is headed by none other […]
17 June 2011

“Art and State” exhibition, Pescara, @Casa D’Annunzio

"Art and State" exhibition, Pescara, @Casa D'Annunzio 16.06.2011
20 May 2011

Art and state: Suskov’s exhibition in Monte Carlo

Natura e divino: questi i temi illustrati nelle sessanta tele ad olio dell’artista russo Fedor Kuz’Mic Suskov, esposte, dal 21 maggio al 10 giugno, presso la galleria Ottavio Fabbri e […]
27 April 2011

Fedor Kuz’mic Suskov, Permanente Museum, Milan

ART and STATE by Vittorio Sgarbi FEDOR KUZ’MICH SUSKOV ART and STATE edited by Vittorio Sgarbi From 29 April to 15 May 20011 Palazzo della Permanente Via Filippo Turati, 34 […]
10 March 2011

Art and State, Bologna

From March 13 to April 17, 2011 Bologna, “Galleria d ‘Arte Cinquantasei”, art exhibition by Fedor Kuz´Mic Suskov The traveling exhibition dedicated to the Russian master Fedor Kuz´Mic Suskov (1923-2006), […]
27 February 2011

Exhibitions: in Rome the pictorial work of Fedor Kuz’mic Suskov, ‘the other’ Soviet Union

Roma, 27 feb. – (Adnkronos) – Un'altra Unione Sovietica. Al di la' della propaganda di partito, del culto della personalita', della retorica celebrativa, un'altra Unione Sovietica e' quella raccontata da […]
1 February 2011

Fedor Kuz’mic Suskov: Art and State @ Florence

Last days to admire in Florence the works of the artist Fedor Kuz’mic Suskov, whose works are currently exhibited on the occasion of the exhibition Art and State curated by […]
Fedor Kuz´mich Suskov on Youtube Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov on Youtube