The artists meet Dali and Van Gogh

A painting of Luce quells by Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov. His paintings, concerning natural landscapes or related to sacred art, tell an immortal story through bright and vibrant tones. The eye with which the artist observes and arranges the composition analyzes the scene, translating it and synthesizing it into forms, of fashions that, to reach us directly, are the colors enlivened by an enveloping Light source. In this way, emotions and sensations are transmitted to us, describing the subject differently to each of us.

Salvo Nugnes
President of Spoleto Arte
and manager of showman
of culture and entertainment.

Gli artisti incontrano Dalì e Van Gogh
Fedor Kuz´mich Suskov on Youtube Fedor Kuz’mich Suskov on Youtube